Progress Update 8/24/17

Building 2733 – Remaining units are working through punch. Building 2741 – #1 and 2 – Have cabinets and base and case installed #3 – Cabinets are stocked on site, and ready for installation #4 – Cabinets are installed, base and case is in #5 – Base and case is in progress #6-9 Base [...]

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Progress Update 7-26

Progress continues at Twin 9s! The exterior is looking great with paint complete on both buildings, and the front walkway concrete complete. In the east building, the units continue to progress, with the first four units being the most complete. Units 5-9 continue to progress with plumbing, lighting, appliance delivery. In the west building, [...]

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Construction Progress Update 6-27-17

Exterior paint continues and is approximately 60% complete on the east building.  Crews will be starting the prep work for concrete pathways this week.   In 2733: Unit 1 – Carpet is scheduled to be installed this week.  Electrical trim work and HVAC work is in progress. Unit 2 – Carpet is complete.  Electrical trim [...]

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Progress update 6-20

Exterior paint on 2733 continues. The drive aisle has been poured and it looks great!   Specific unit progress is listed below:   2741: 1 – tape and mud in progress 2 – texture in tape and mud 90% complete drywall in progress – insulation in 6 – insulation stocked 2733 – [...]

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Progress Update 5/17

West Building – The electrician is progressing though the units.  In Unit 1, they were stocking drywall and insulation was complete. Batt insulation was in progress in Unit 2 and draftstop insulation will be starting in unit 3.   East Building – Lots of exciting progress here – Unit 1 has appliances and bathroom [...]

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Progress Update 5/9

Crews continue to install exterior materials.  The east building materials are complete and the west building's materials are approximately 50% complete. Progress continues in the east building: Units 1 has been painted and the kitchen back splash is installed. Unit 2 is prepping for paint.  Cabinets are installed through unit 5, and are stocked [...]

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Progress Update 4/25

Progress continues in the east building: Units 1 & 2 have countertops installed and unit 1 is being prepped for paint.  This week, hardwood floors were installed in units 5 & 6.   Unit 6 bathroom tile was installed this week.  Floor tile is being installed in Unit 7.   The exterior siding installation [...]

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Progress Update 4/18/17

Progress continues across the site. The East building (2733) has cabinets installed in units 1-3 and cabinet install is in progress in unit 4. Bathroom tile is installed in units 1-6. Roof deck installation is underway across these units. In the West building (2741) mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work continues. Draft stop insulation has started [...]

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Progress Update 4/14

Tile continues to progress in the east building (2733 W. 28th Ave), with tile installed through unit 5, and stocked in unit 6. Cabinets are installed in units 1, 2, and 3 and stocked in Unit 4. The west building (2741 W. 28th Avenue) continues to progress through rough mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. Crews have [...]

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